10 Helpful Tips for Stress Reduction

Even though exercise, sleep, and nutrition are helpful in reducing stress, there are other ways to reduce anxiety. Here are 10 great tips to help with controlling anxiety and reducing stress…

1. Gratitude: Write down a few things you are grateful for, and focus on them. This helps to calm the areas of your brain that control emotions, by providing positive, energizing input to your brain.

2. Take a break and relax: Try different methods to relax, such as meditating, deep breathing, and listening to music such as Jeffrey Thompson brain wave music. Explore and find techniques that work for you. Download hypnosis audios or binomial beats to help relax & sleep.

3. Be in the now, and face the illusion: Facing the cause of your anxiety will help you have more control over it. Remember, anxiety is a perceived threat about something that may happen in the future it is not happening now.

4. Allow yourself to let go: Studies have shown that happy people know what they can control and what they can let go of that is out of their control. The sooner you accept that you can’t control everything, the more you can focus on what you can control.  Try this as a mantra when you are feeling stressed: Relax — Breathe — Allow — Relax — Breathe — Allow …

5. Find, or create a positive Mantra:  when you repeat simple phrases like “ I am safe and secure, right now I am safe” it will let your body know you are not in danger and will allow more positive emotions while decreasing negative ones. Research shows that taking a station break (periodic 5 min breaks) throughout the day to breath slowly while repeating calming words such as peace, calm, kindness, love, etc. can reduce physical discomfort as well as other symptoms caused by stress.

6. Connect and seek help:  Connecting with friends and family when you’re emotionally overwhelmed helps, but it also allows others to let you know you are supported. It shows strength to seek professional help when it would be beneficial. We are not meant to struggle in life alone, so don’t isolate yourself. Let friends and family help.

7. Use a “visual anchor”: It may be something outside a window (like a tree or clouds), or a picture you carry (of a person or landscape), or even simply focusing on a specific color in your surroundings. Staring at something soothing will help calm your nerves. Let it bore your emotional mind into calmness.

8. Make it ridiculous to reduce it’s power: Create a story as dramatic as possible, embellishing details that make it ridiculous.Then share this story with friends until you can laugh it off. There is an inspiring scene in Harry Potter.

9. Smile, joke, play, laugh: Play and laughter releases stress-reducing endorphins. Lighten things up whenever you can, because often laughter can break up stress faster than anything else.

10. Read a book: Envelope yourself in an engaging story. Light fiction and fantasy takes the mind into a fun alternate reality that temporarily gets you out of the place of worry and despair. New studies point to more benefits of reading such as improved mood, increased relaxation, and better sleep. So cuddle up with some warm herbal tea and a good book!

Inspired by: http://www.amenclinics.com/blog/tips-to-reduce-anxiety-today/